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Robbie Peden | Dr. Stoller reconstructed my shoulder

box_peden I had two separate occasions to consult with Dr. Stoller and both times had perfect results in a relatively short amount of time. While out of the ring, I broke up a street altercation and sustained a dislocated shoulder. My trainer, Roger Bloodworth, recommended Dr. Steven Stoller in New Jersey. I traveled there from Florida, unable to move my arm and in terrific pain. Dr. Stoller reconstructed my shoulder using the arthroscope. I couldn't afford to have my shoulder opened up because of the healing time. I fought a junior lightweight bout scheduled in 8 weeks, which I won.

While in the ring in the 4th round, I developed pain that persisted and traveled from California to consult with Dr. Stoller. Anticipating the worst, I was reassured and needed an injection and stayed in New Jersey for three weeks to treat in his physical therapy center. Yes, I could have gone back to California for treatment, but with Dr. Stoller in the office that the physical therapy takes place in, I felt under better care. I have recommended Dr. Stoller to many fighters.

Robbie Peden