DoctorBase reviews for Dr. Steven Stoller, MD

Athlete Testimonials

Anthony Hanshaw | I was as good as new

box_hanshawI am a professional middle weight fighter. After sparring, I had an enormous pain in my shoulder. After I saw Dr. Stoller I went directly to the physical therapist in his office. He examined me and showed strengthening exercises for my shoulder and I was as good as new.

Anthony Hanshaw

Arturro Gatti | He completely cured me

box_gatti"Never before have I met a doctor more genuinely concerned than Dr. Stoller," says Arturro Gatti, World Champion Boxer. "He completely cured me." Gatti was treated for a weight lifting injury.

Arturro Gatti

Andrew Golota | Dr. Stoller is in my corner at every fight

box_golotaI am a man of few words and many sport injuries. I've known Dr. Stoller since the heavy weight fight against Riddick Bowe in 1996. Since then, he has managed my care and I have been to him countless times. Dr. Stoller scoped my knee and shoulder each time, obtaining full recoveries. I would never treat with any other orthopedic surgeon. I make sure Dr. Stoller is in my corner at every fight.

Andrew Golota

Fernando Vargas | He has helped me numerous times

box_vargasDr. Stoller is always in my dressing room before and after a fight. He has helped me numerous times. Thanks again, Doc.

Fernando Vargas