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Athlete Testimonials

Zachary Levin | Go NYU and Go Dr. Stoller

zachary-levinI live to play basketball. After I hurt my ankle, the only person I really trusted was Dr. Stoller. He understands athletes. Not only the need to get back on the court, but to stay there strong. This picture is my NYU Law School Team after the championship game against Columbia Law. Go NYU and Go Dr. Stoller, thanks again.

Samuel Salzman | Thanks Dr. Stoller!

Samuel-FalvmanPlaying soccer and lacrosse with such high intensity, I consulted with Dr. Steven Stoller for his renowned Sports Specific Training.

When I was in his office, I met other athletes that flew in for the appointment the same day I did. I still speak to them. We are all olympic hopefuls. Thanks Dr. Stoller!

Robbie Peden | Dr. Stoller reconstructed my shoulder

box_peden I had two separate occasions to consult with Dr. Stoller and both times had perfect results in a relatively short amount of time. While out of the ring, I broke up a street altercation and sustained a dislocated shoulder. My trainer, Roger Bloodworth, recommended Dr. Steven Stoller in New Jersey. I traveled there from Florida, unable to move my arm and in terrific pain. Dr. Stoller reconstructed my shoulder using the arthroscope. I couldn't afford to have my shoulder opened up because of the healing time. I fought a junior lightweight bout scheduled in 8 weeks, which I won.

While in the ring in the 4th round, I developed pain that persisted and traveled from California to consult with Dr. Stoller. Anticipating the worst, I was reassured and needed an injection and stayed in New Jersey for three weeks to treat in his physical therapy center. Yes, I could have gone back to California for treatment, but with Dr. Stoller in the office that the physical therapy takes place in, I felt under better care. I have recommended Dr. Stoller to many fighters.

Robbie Peden

Jameel McCline | I couldn't get better care

box_mcclineDr. Stoller took me as an emergency 5 years ago when I injured my elbow. Since then, he's probably treated every body part. I trust him completely. He is "on call" and ringside at each one of my bouts. I liked him so much that I sent my wife Tina to him. We're both fully recovered. I couldn't get better care.

Jameel McCline, W.B.C. Heavyweight Champion