Treatment Plan for Patella Pain Syndrome

Written by Dr. Steven Stoller, MD on .

Patella Pain Syndrome is caused by overuse, bio mechanical mal tracking, contracture of the lateral ligaments, and imbalance of the quadriceps muscle group.


  1. Physical Therapy for electric stimulation & ultrasound to reduce the inflammation
  2. Aleve - 2 tabs twice a day
  3. Glucosanime & Chondroitin Sulfate helps restore articular cartilage damage -
  4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids reduces inflammation in the synovium lining of your knee which produces the pain -
  5. Quadriceps Stretching i.e. Flamingos & prone stretching (YouTube)
  6. Patella brace (Bauerfiend website)
  7. Cross Training and all weight training except leg extension (this will increase Patella pressure & aggravate your knee).
  8. Interval Training to reduce time on the bike
  9. Adjust seat height so when the pedal is at its lowest point, your knee is completely straight
  10. Ice after all activities!
  11. Arch supports which reduces pronation of your foot that reduces internal tibial torsion & thus reduces map tracking & stress on your knee cap
  12. Avoid stairs, hills, squatting & bending when possible.
  13. When driving, move your seat back as far as possible.
  14. When sitting adjust your seat as high as it will go. Avoid low seating.

If this treatment fails, intra articular injections of Corticosteroids, Synvisc or PRP may be helpful.

Arthroscopic Surgery is occasionally necessary to remove loose articular cartilage, which helps alleviate the clicking & catching sensation.