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Compression Sports Apparel

Written by Steven M. Stoller, MD on .

Compression sports apparel is not just a fashion statement. By compressing specific muscle groups it can increase circulation thereby reduces fatigue & post recovery phase. In addition it can improve biomechanics making your muscle more efficient & powerful.

CX-W has incorporated kinesio taping technology into their clothing. I have used kinesio taping in my practice for years & have found it to be very helpful in treating injured muscles

Whatever brand you choose (2xu, Nike, Underarmor) I am certain you will see some benefits.

Treatment Plan for Patella Pain Syndrome

Written by Dr. Steven Stoller, MD on .

Patella Pain Syndrome is caused by overuse, bio mechanical mal tracking, contracture of the lateral ligaments, and imbalance of the quadriceps muscle group.


  1. Physical Therapy for electric stimulation & ultrasound to reduce the inflammation
  2. Aleve - 2 tabs twice a day
  3. Glucosanime & Chondroitin Sulfate helps restore articular cartilage damage - www.orthomolecularproducts.com
  4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids reduces inflammation in the synovium lining of your knee which produces the pain - www.xymogen.com
  5. Quadriceps Stretching i.e. Flamingos & prone stretching (YouTube)
  6. Patella brace (Bauerfiend website)
  7. Cross Training and all weight training except leg extension (this will increase Patella pressure & aggravate your knee).
  8. Interval Training to reduce time on the bike
  9. Adjust seat height so when the pedal is at its lowest point, your knee is completely straight
  10. Ice after all activities!
  11. Arch supports which reduces pronation of your foot that reduces internal tibial torsion & thus reduces map tracking & stress on your knee cap
  12. Avoid stairs, hills, squatting & bending when possible.
  13. When driving, move your seat back as far as possible.
  14. When sitting adjust your seat as high as it will go. Avoid low seating.

If this treatment fails, intra articular injections of Corticosteroids, Synvisc or PRP may be helpful.

Arthroscopic Surgery is occasionally necessary to remove loose articular cartilage, which helps alleviate the clicking & catching sensation.

Barefoot Running

Written by Dr. Steven Stoller, MD on .

Recently MIT and Harvard have conducted studies of Mexican Indians who run 60 miles a day wearing nothing more than leather sandals. Studies found that these runners have a reduced amount of injuries than runners who run significantly less miles per week.

The reason for this reduction and injuries was not related solely to the fact that they were running barefoot. However the biomechanics required to run barefoot is what reduces the injuries.

Therefore if you are running in one of the newly designed barefoot running shoes, I would strongly recommend that you learn the technique of barefoot running prior to returning to your normal running distance.

Without changing your technique you will incur a whole host of new injuries. However, if done properly, this technique will reduce the stress and strain of your joints, and in particular with arthritic knees, allow you to run more comfortably.

The brand Newton will allow you to gradually transition to barefoot running.


Written by Dr. Steven Stoller, MD on .

The baby boomers are one of the most active aging populations in the recent history, with over 8000 per day rolling in Medicare. As a result of this change of lifestyle, these patients developed athletic injuries unique to this age group.

Being a member of this group, I participate in boxing, basketball, polo, running, swimming, and working out. Refusing to give up these sports, I've researched and found a multi-disciplinary system to heal and rehabilitate many injuries that occur in our age group. Just because you're getting older doesn't mean you have to give up athletic activity. However you do have to be smarter and prepare yourself to continue an active lifestyle.